6 stage reverse osmosis system – RX65139415

670,00 750,00 

6 stage reverse osmosis system. Due to the high membrane quality it is possible to purify up to 280 liters of water per day. Small micron rating 0,0001 µm, allows to remove most contaminants from water including bacteria and viruses. System is equipped with post filtration carbon cartridge (AICRO), which improves the taste and aroma of water and AIMRO mineralizing cartridge, which enriches water with elements such as calcium and magnesium.


RX65259516 System

5 micron Sediment Cartridge: FCPS5 (Stage 1)
GAC Carbon Cartridge: FCCA (Stage 2)
Carbon Block: FCCBL (Stage 3)
RO Membrane: TFC-75F (Stage 4)
Post-carbon cartridge: AICRO (Stage 5)
Mineralizing cartridge: AIMRO (Stage 6)

Faucet FXFCH17-C
Connectors 1/2″ i 3/8″
Other Accessories (tube, tank, etc.)

(for the filtration system to work properly, it is necessary to supply water with at least 2.5 bar)

The filter consists of 6 cartridges

  1. Life length of the first, second and third filters are 5-6 months. Price- 49 ₾
  2. Life length fourth osmosis membrane filters are 2.5 years. Price – 130 ₾
  3. Life length of the fifth, sixth and seventh filters are 10-12 months. Price – 53 ₾
Weight 9,2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 60 cm