The company “Aquasheni’’   established in 2017. The idea of making clean and safe drinking water available in Georgia was arised by two friends from University of Lodz, Poland.

The company “Aquasheni”  initially operated under the name of “Water Filters” LLC, and its activity was wholesales of water filters in Georgia. In November 2020, it changed the name and today it is presented as ‘’Aquasheni’’. The first store was opened in Kutaisi. It Continues wholesales of a larger scale and it  has added retail and corporate sales as well as ongoing services.

The company has strictly defined its activities and should establish itself only in the field of clear water preparation. Today, the advantages of the company are domestic, small business water and industrial filtration and installation. Future plans include various performances of the design and implementation municipal water treatment systems.

At the beginning,  “Aquasheni’’ was only an official representative of AQUAFILTER. Nowadays the company has widen and  it joined European brands such as DWETS, NWFabriek, EUROTROL, Fitqua, Dafi, USTM, Seko and MWG – Italy.


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