7 stage Reverse Osmosis System with Pump – RP75139415

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Aquafilter offers RP75139715 7-Stage RO Filter System with pump, suitable for undersink POU (Point of use) installations. Through an accurate combination of pre-filtration, activated carbons, reverse osmosis, post-filtration, mineralization and negative ionization treatments, it ensures a continuous supply of clean, fresh, mineralized and energized drinking water.


RP65139715 System

5 micron Sediment Cartridge: FCPS5 (Stage 1)
GAC Carbon Cartridge: FCCA (Stage 2)
Carbon Block: FCCBL (Stage 3)
RO Membrane: TFC-75F (Stage 4)
Post-carbon Cartridge: AICRO (Stage 5)
Mineralizing Cartridge: AIMRO (Stage 6)
Ionizing Cartridge: AIFIR2000 (Stage 7)

Pump M1207515
Faucet FXFCH5
Connectors 1/2″ i 3/8″
Other Accessories (tube, tank, etc.)

(The filtration system is equipped with a water pump, if the water pressure is less than 2.5 bar, in this case, the pump provides the necessary water pressure for the functioning of the filter)

The system consists of 7 filters

Life length of the first, second and third filters are 5-6 months. Price- 49 ₾
Life length fourth osmosis membrane filters are 2.5 years. Price – 130 ₾
Life length of the fifth, sixth and seventh filters are 10-12 months. Price – 113 ₾

Weight 11,2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 60 cm