Dafi Astra Standard Filtering Water Pitcher 12-Cup Made in Europe BPA-Free


Dafi Astra Standard Filtering Water Pitcher 12-Cup BPA-Free is a great solution for someone who is trying to combine health benefits of drinking clear water with stylish and well designed kitchen tools. Dafi’s mission is to stimulate the palate with healthy cuisine based on fresh water and ingredients. Dafi Standard Water Filters are designed to provide clean and fresh drinking water. Dafi filter cartridges purifies water from limescale, chlorine, pesticides, rust and other mechanical and organic impurities. The secret of pure water lies within the filtering bed. The appropriate amount of ion exchange resin in the cartridge allows the capture of magnesium and calcium salts, which are compounds that cause precipitation of limescale. This way water is softened, preventing deposits of lime-scale in household appliances. The activated carbon contained in a cartridge absorbs all impurities and chlorine found in tap water.  A specially designed filtering bed produces water circulation, causing longer contact of water with the filtering bed and allowing effective filtration. Similarly, the micro porous structure of the bottom of the cartridge increases the hydro-static pressure of water and accelerates the process of purification.






All Dafi products are 100% BPA-Free! Manufactured in Europe.

Dafi products are certified and manufactured to strict ISO 9001 International Standards. ISO 9001 is used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.