Dafi SOLID Filtering Water Bottle 0.7 L, Replaceable Water Filter, Tritan BPA-free, Made in Europe, Durable Water Bottle


Product details

The Dafi SOLID water filtering bottle made of durable Tritan is manufactured in Poland/Europe. Designed for people who appreciate the role of regular hydration of the body, play sports and practice a healthy lifestyle. The SOLID filtering bottle is handy and ergonomic, has an optimal capacity of 24 oz., so you can always have it with you. The handy, reusable water bottle has a carbon filter that is replaced monthly. The filter is made of 100% natural coconut shells. It removes the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. The amount of naturally occurring minerals remains unchanged (mainly calcium and magnesium), resulting in water that retains elements valuable for health. The bottle water filter slightly increases the pH of the water, which increases the water quality. It is made of durable plastic (Tritan), is completely free of harmful BPA-Free (Bisphenol A) and is approved for contact with water with appropriate regulations.


  • Dafi’s SOLID filtered water bottle includes a unique activated carbon filter taken from coconut shells. It completely removes odor and unpleasant taste of chlorine from the tap water, filtering it straight into the bottle. Retains the amount of naturally occurring minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) unchanged.
  • Dafi’s reusable filtering bottle is completely BPA-free with durable Tritan. That makes it long lasting and safer than other plastic bottles. It has been approved for contact with water and has no negative effect on it.
  • Optimal capacity of 24 oz., carrying handle and ergonomic design making it very easy to carry with you all the time. So, there’s no need to worry about having a fresh bottle beside you or about buying another PET bottle.
  • Other product features included with the filtering bottle are a hypoallergenic mouthpiece, cup holder friendly size, a convenient straw, and a OneTouch quick opening push button cap. Drink comfortably without tilting the bottle using the integrated straw.
  • 300 half-liter PET bottles. That’s how much a single exchangeable carbon filter with the Dafi Solid Water Bottle can replace. It reduces the annual production of plastic by 26.4 kg! Drinking water from it for a year has such a hugely positive impact on the environment. Dafi products are certified and manufactured to strict ISO 9001 International Standards.

Monthly filter replacement reminder

Scan the QR code from the bottle packaging and reminders will automatically appear in your phone’s calendar.


Before the first use of the filter and every filter change:
  1. Wash all the parts of the bottle (apart from the filter). Use water with a maximum temperature of 50°C (122°F) and with dish soap.
  2. Rinse the filter under running cold water (about 60 seconds). Direct the water flow on the holes in the filter case.
  3. Fill the bottle with water, place the filter in the straw and rotate into the push button cap.
  4. Twist the cap onto the bottle and enjoy your delicious water wherever you are.


The bottle portion can be washed in the dishwasher, other components (except the filter) are recommended to be washed with water at a temperature of up to 122°F. High temperature may deform and cause the elements to not function.





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BPA-free Tritan plastic, carbon filter

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