Installation of water filter system – ‘’Kvarlis baga’’


Kvareli Baga is the largest dairy farm which uses a steam machine in their activities. As a result of the evaporation of water, the minerals that is presented in the system, remain as s sediment, and the sediment will eventually damage any equipment in which water is evaporated or heated.
Water softening and mechanical filtration to protect steam installations.
By the request, We decided to install 2-stage prefiltration filtration

At first stage 10 10-inch flask, 50-micron reusable nylon cartridge.
In the second stage, 2 pieces of 20-inch high-performance BIG BLUE filter housings. 5-micron polypropylene cartridge in both flasks. These filters provide water filtration from the finest particles of sand and sediment.

For water softening, we use MWG – AWSD2X75 – duration performance is 3400 liters per hour and provides softening of high hardness water. The filter has an automatic and periodically self-washed system. Water softener regeneration cycles inundate the resin beads with a highly concentrated brine solution, washing off the hardness minerals and draining them out of the system.The resin beads need periodical rechange.

Our service group has installed above mentioned filters and the customer’s requirements were successfully accomplished.
The entire system has supplied with softened water that does not provide sediments.It additionally filtered from sand and other hardness minerals, which also ensures the smooth and long-term operation of water softening filter system.